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Welcome to Allen Memorial Baptist Church

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Welcome to  Allen Memorial Baptist Church in Candor, New York.  Join us as we work to transform lives through Christ.  No matter where you are in your spiritual life, we have something for you.  Perhaps you are investigating spiritual things or maybe you have been convinced about the truth of Christ for a long time.  Either way come investigate the Scriptures with us.  We have ministries for all ages and opportunities for you to learn and be trained and equipped for life so that you can make a difference by bringing good news to a needy world.  Our web site is designed to help you see at least a little about who we are and what we believe so that you will be able to come with understanding as to what to expect.

Worship time:

We have worship services at 9:45am - 11:00am on Sunday Morning

Sunday school:

Sunday School following worship services at 11:15am - 12pm

Small Groups:

Small Groups meet on Sundays and other times during the week.






Worship Service
April 20, 2014 (10:45 AM)

S.S. Classes
April 20, 2014 (12:15 PM)

Worship Service
April 27, 2014 (10:45 AM)

S.S. Classes
April 27, 2014 (12:15 PM)

Worship Service
May 04, 2014 (10:45 AM)

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